Kim Kold – Deliver Us From Evil

Kim Kold – Deliver Us From Evil
With this tense, visceral thriller, Danish director Ole Bornedal meditates on the fury and violence that can so easily manifest themselves as the product of extreme small town xenophobia. Lasse Rimmer stars as Johannes, a husband and father who leaves the familiar city with his wife Pernille and their two children in tow, and relocates to the country town where he grew up years prior. Shortly after the family arrives, Johannes’s alcoholic brother Lars accidentally runs over Anna (Lone Lindorff), a local girl – then evilly plants false evidence indicating that a local immigrant, Alain (Bojan Navojec) is guilty. Johannes recognizes his brother’s guilt and thus opts to defend Alain – but little can he foresee the vile disapproval, intransigent judgment and revenge-fueled mentalities that surface in the townspeople and will soon thrust his family members into their own personal hell. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

Kim Kold - Deliver us from evil

Kim Kold – Deliver us from evil

Lasse Rimmer – Johannes
Lene Nystrom – Pernille
Fanny Bornedal – Viola
Jacob August Ottensten – Frederik
Mogens Pedersen – Ingvar
Lone Lindorff – Anna
Jens Andersen – Lars
Pernille Vallentin – Scarlett
Bojan Navojec – Alain
Kim Kold – Leif Christensen
Alexandre Villaume – Roald
Anders Budde – Silver
Daniel Engstrup – Tonser
Bob Anders Pedersen – Noller
Helle Halsboe – Jane
Karin Norrinder – Britt
Henrik Prip – Thomsen
Andreas Bo Pedersen – Benny
Torben Vadstrup – Saelger i byggemarkedet
Anders Sandberg – Eske
Kurt Ravn – Weksjo
Sonja Richter – Presenter
Lene Molgaard – Nina