Valentin Brands ApS

Vin Diesel and Kim Kold, Kim in Valentin Brands ApS new Fat313 jacket.

Welcome Valentin brands – Fat 313 to our team!

Valentin Brands ApS is an exclusive distribution company based in Denmark. We have been distributing different brands in the last 10 years, some brands for Denmark and some brands for Scandinavia.

We serve a strong dealer network of about 100 shops in Denmark and about 200 shops in Scandinavia. Our dealers are carefully selected and located strategically due to our image as a supplier of exclusive brands.

Our existing markets provide Valentin Brands with great expansion opportunities and with our experienced team of experts in the areas of marketing, purchase, logistics and sales, we are qualified to reach our goals. We offer our market clothing and shoe collections selected amongst the best styles our suppliers have to offer. We work closely with our dealers and suppliers in order to respond quickly to market demands and to provide the best products as quickly as possible to our local markets.

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